Volleyball – How To Jump Higher & Get Those Critical Points

First of all, volleyball is a sport where you need to vertical jump high as you can with hardly any forward movement. You know the score your just stood their waiting and waiting

And when the ball comes to you, you need to be at your best especially in front of the net.

And to power up them jumps at the right time is crucial. You want to win after all and those high jumps in volleyball is a must.

The very best form of exercising for volleyball is defo Plyometrics.

If you don’t know, exercising plyometric routines will increase your speed power and strength power in your legs. This will let you roam the court faster and most importantly – Jump Even higher at the net.

Your Goal Is To Become A Better Hitter And Blocker At The Net

Getting higher will improve your game.

The best way to do this is to strengthen your core and your legs.

With plyometrics to your legs and core is going to be a huge difference in your volleyball jumping game.

The goal is to be a bigger jumper, hitter and defence player and with these routines that we will show you are going to run riot around the court much better than before.

A Simple Volleyball Program To Do This

Here are some great technics and reps to start training, for now, realistically you can train now but it is better to start a good month before your season starts.

  1. First of all, no matter if your training, practising or playing. You must Warm Up First.
This is practically what you should do do warm up your legs and core before training.

Credit to YFitTv Youtube channel for warmup video.

  • Step one, Jog 30 yards forwards, Then Back 30 yards
  • Step two, Skip forwards 30 yards then back 30 yards
  • Step three, Side hope 30 yards on your left, then back on your right (or vice versa)
  • Step four, leg slide 30 yards left then back on your right
  • Step five, Sidekick 30 yards left then 30 yards right
  • Step six, karaoke step overs 30 yards to your left then back again on your right

Now, you should have warmed up your legs and core doing this and now onto stretching.

  • Start and do knee hugs for 30 yards and then skipping knee hugs 30 yards back
  • Leg lunges 30 yards forward and then 30 yards back
  • Straight leg kicks 30 yards forward and then 30 yards back

Simply watch the video above to learn properly how to do all these.

I’m must stress that it is vital you warm up properly and stretch to avoid injury and to really help your muscles strengthen.

Volleyball – How To Jump Higher Training.

Now onto the training, to get your speed and power from your legs.

15 x Repetitions of Knee Tuck Jumps

15 x repetitions of Lateral jumping

15 x Repetitions of Broad Jumps

15x repetitions of Squat jumps

15 x repetitions of Burpees

15 repetitions of floor mountain climbers

15 x repetitions of squat jacks

15 x repetitions of knee tuck jumps

15 repetitions of each agility dot drills

Volleyball – How To Jump Higher – These are easy to do training exercises that will have to gain more height in your jumps for them crucial points

I recommend doing them at least 3 times a week to start benefiting your game.

Now as well as warming up, It is also important to cool down and stretch.

Make sure you Cool Down and Stretch

simple methods of cooling down and stretching that I use myself

A few more tips on Volleyball – How To Jump Higher

  • Never train on just concrete, this will give you injuries. train on a grass field or at home on your carpet
  • Wear correct shock absorbers trainers, again to avoid injuries.
  • While training, use a weighted vest to strengthen your legs and core even more
  • No your limits, don’t overdo training. You might injure yourself
  • Mentally believe in yourself, be confident in the game
  • Kickass at the game of volleyball, you will be better

If you have more tips in tricks on exercising in jumping higher in volleyball, I would love to hear them as I am one for always trying to improve. Comment below


Volleyball – How To Jump Higher & Get Those Critical Points
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