Vert Shock Review – Does Vert Shock Jump Program Even Work?

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Reviewer: Me, Lucas-B

Disclaimer, “I am giving you my honest vert shock review but I must say before I review this program that I am very active in the sports world.

I keep myself fit, play sports and do jumping exercises so I was NOT expecting to add 9-15 inches to my jump as they say. I was expecting at least 4-5 inches extra in my jumps”

Just a little Something about me.

First of all, just want to say Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter, great talent of the game and is missed by millions.

I actually met him once but was a shock and I was starstruck and never actually said anything to him (regrets)

kobe, A nice chap off the field, a menace on it.

My names Lucas and I love life to the fullest, I have a loving partner and no kids yet (not that I don’t mind practising)

I am always out and about playing sports, love basketball, American football, beach volleyball and even started to like the English football, or soccer as we call it over here.

If my and my partner are not doing something exciting, she has her own life and very busy doing her hobbies and so do I.

I am just under 6 foot by 2 inches and I can dunk about 4/10 attempts in a game of basketball. This just depends on a few factors like how the game is going, how tired I am, how good the opposition is etc.

as I stated, I have no kids so I have time to review programs like this vert shock and to give you the honest answer.

Why Did I Choose Vert Shock Program?

I always believe I can get better and better at anything, I am always trying new ways to improve. This isn’t the first program I have bought and won’t be the last

After hearing great things about the vert shock training program, I was all in. Before I bought it, I checked out the vert shock testimonials (you can see them on the bottom of the page of that link) and was impressed. So I got it.

So What is the Vert Shock Program?

What is the Vert Shock Program
What is the Vert Shock Program?

The vert shock program is designed by 2 professionals of the dunking game. One of the worlds best and highest dunkers Justin the JusFly Darlington and the ever-inspiring basketball pro Adam Folker

Their aim is to inspire men, women, that love sports (not just basketball) to increase there vertical jump and get ahead of the game against your opposition or friends.

and they so-called do it from this vert shock program.

The principles are very simple but might sound very complicated,

You are going to train in a new high intense plyometrics that is designed in a way that will benefit your specific muscles that will help you jump higher than ever before…

Don’t worry, I was confused too.

You might get a little confused to start with. But keep going.

The aim is to stimulate Your fast-twitching muscles which are your Type-II muscle fibres

This is the muscles that will help you power through with high intensity and get you jumping has high as possible.

Simple science Speed+power = Very High Jumping.

So training these muscles will improve your speed and improve your power and will improve your jumping height.

Vert shock Complex Training Routines

So login in on my vert shock day 1, and planning what I needed to do. With the time I need. You will learn to understand that this course has 3 phases.

  • The Pre-Shock Phase.
  • Shock Phase
  • Post Shock Phase

Here what I found out about them and how they helped me jump higher.

1. Vert Shock Week 1 – Pre Shock

Vert shock week 1 is defo called the Pre shock as I found out that this is going to prepare your body for the remainder of the course.

The first day consisted of

  • Vert shock dynamic warm-up
  • Vert shock around the square
  • Vert shock Tuck jumps
  • Vert shock horizontal bounds
  • Vert shock 180 squat jumps
  • Cool Down

and this is the rest of week 1.

vert shock pre shock phase pdf part1
First Week Part 1
vert shock pre shock phase pdf part 2
vert shock pre shock phase pdf part 2

So you do 6 workouts per day, for 6 days with day 4 as your recovery day. The training videos last about 50 minutes each.

As a quite fit guy, I managed these exercises fine but I know that a normal average person will struggle a bit but don’t worry, I’m sure you do it.

The actually workouts are not really that hard and if you need to take a breather to recover then I suggest you do, cause form over speed is true.

I found out the best ways to do all these excesses was outside especially a hilly area where you need to do uphill exercises.

Which isn’t a bad thing as you get out and get fresh air as well.

Overall on week 1, I did it quite easily, to be honest, and I know you might struggle a bit if your new to this intense workout but you should manage it ok.

and…. of course, I went and done some vertical jumping to see if I could jump higher, I did get an extra inch in my jump

You might not think that’s a lot but I’m already a good jumper and was answering my own question. Does vert shock actually work? It started too 🙂

2. Vert Shock Week 2-7 The Shock Phase.

Instead of using up all this space, you can download the vert shock week 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 pdf here

This section covers Vert shock week 2, vert shock week 3, vert shock week 4 and so on until vert shock week 7. (not vert shock week 8, that’s below this section)

This is where you will, like me push yourself and after the first few weeks you will notice your legs and muscles become stronger and flexible than ever before (that’s if you don’t give up)

This is where you need to be mentally strong and keep focusing on your goals

I really was hoping that this phase would make a huge difference in my jumping and I am glad I was right.

This is a 6-week phase and you will have to exercise 4-6 times per week but don’t let that put you off. I could have easily given up but I had to just stay mentally focused as I am very competitive.

When I felt unmotivated, I just watched the training videos and that inspired me to go and do it. Glad I did.

After about halfway through the shock phase, I knew my body was getting used to it and felt real changes in my body. I felt that I could FLY (guess that’s just the runners high as they say)

For an already good vertical jumper, After doing this, I actually got an average 4 extra inches in my jumping

which made me excited to finish the course off and to see if the last section will get more even more.

3. The After-shock phase

The last week off the program the Vert Shock Week 8, You might think is a big cool down but you, just like me are wrong.

As I did all 7 weeks and got my game higher, I wonder what the 8th week could do.

Well, got to be honest and tell you this was the ultimate and quite hard and I am going to say that depending on your mindset, you might quit the vert shock workouts here.

I hope you don’t but not everyone will succeed and that’s a fact.

I pushed myself to make sure I have done this week and took every day step by step. (so easier to think day by day instead of looking at the whole program and thinking- god no)

Six days, I trained for and felt a bit weak doing it but I had to dig down deep and push the sets of reps. So glad I did.

Does Vert Shock Actually Really Work?

End Of WeekMy Average Extra
Vertical Jump Height
11 inch
21.5 inches
31.5 inches (approaching 2)
42.0 inches
52.5 inches
63 inches
74 inches
85 inches
vert shock before and after training per week.

As you can see, these are my results of vert shock before and after training per week. Does vert shock work? Yes if your willing to dig deep. No, if you can’t be assed. full stop

Now I’m dunking 8/10 tries per game and I am bloody happy with that. The competitiveness in me loves it.

I can actually dunk almost 100% when I am practising with my buddies or on my own now.

If you are going to do this Vert Shock program, keep writing your results down to see how much you improve.

The Vert Shock System Questions & Answers

Is Vert Shock A Scam? Is vert shock legit? Is vert shock real?

Consider the program is made by two basketball professionals in which you can google anytime and considering it is more or a body fitness program that aims in the right places to jump higher.

No, it is not a scam, It is completely legal and it is real and it works

BUT a big BUT. Only if you are going to work on it, I see a lot of people who do these things, quit and then say its shit because it didn’t work for them. So it can become a Scam 😉 Judge yourself, people.

How To Get Vert Shock For Free?

If you want it for free, I am sure there is a way but when you want things for free, Do you really want to improve? Do you not believe in yourself? People that have programs for free don’t really do anything with them.

Can I Get A Vert Shock Refund?

If you totally unsatisfied or It does not work for you then Yes you can get a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No bloody questions asked. Make sure you give it a shot first as it does get to the right muscles.

What is The Vert Shock Price?

At this time it is $67 and I do believe it might start going up as they keep adding more content and tips, tricks and exercises. It is never stale.

Positives about my Vert Shock Reviews

  • You do not need to go to the gym for this program.
  • No weightlifting involved.
  • No Special equipment was necessary.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
  • Vert shock does work if you do the work.
  • Can be used as just a fitness program
  • Can’t dunk, You will or should easily with this.
  • For any vertical jump sport or hobby
  • Better than buying a pair of trainers that will make you jump to the moon (yeah right) physical and mental approach will always be better.

Negatives about my Review on Vert Shock

  • You will need time to train, you will need to adjust your time around it.
  • Not a downloadable program, if you have a bad connection to the web on your phone. You are not going to get the most of it.
  • Like any training, not going to happen overnight.
  • I personally think you cant do this training at home, you need to be outside really.
  • Don’t Buy it if your a really good natural jumper, unless you need an extra inch or 2/5 inches on your vertical jump.
  • You might get through a few pairs of trainers.
  • Didn’t add 9 to 15 inches on my jump, It added 5 inches (but that’s because I could already jump high)


Is vert shock worth it?

This is the question that depends on YOU, as I am very competitive and would say an absolutely great program to purchase. It’s better than wasting your money on super jumping trainers that only add cm on your jump.

I would say this, if you are really really really want to improve your vertical jump then Yes it is worth it.

official site:-

But if your not that really bothered or just dreaming to impress the opposite sex then I wouldn’t buy this or any jump program.

So that decision comes down to you. Do you really want to jump higher than before?

Thanks for reading my vert shock reviews and stay safe, don’t injure yourself while training.

Maybe I might See you at the courts


Vert Shock Review – Does Vert Shock Jump Program Even Work?
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