Top Training Workouts On How To Jump Higher That You Can Do At Home.

While this blog is not as professional as a jumping program like Vert Shock (read my Vert Shock Reviews here) or Jump Manual even though I might do a course in future if I get time! I am giving you some great tips here for beginners to improve your vertical jumps so you can gain more power, agility, balance and stamina.

Jumping higher will benefit you if your into sports like track and field, volleyball, basketball and also lots of hobbies like free running, parkour and even skateboarding as you need power in your legs to do certain tricks.

I have written another article that focuses on stretching, breathing etc about getting more height in your jump here > simple vertical jump workouts at home that anyone can do. but this article is Just Workouts On How To Jump Higher.

These simple exercise below will have you jumping higher in a few weeks if you promise you will do them every other day, Don’t do it just once then expect results. Training does not work like that.

Also the added bonus is your get fitter and leaner doing this exercise routines.

Workouts On How To Jump Higher

These simple workouts you can do inside and no need to go to the gym, so get your favorite music on and hit the room!

Top Tip – You should always warm up and stretch before you do any exercise!

How To Do Simple Jumping Jacks – credit Babylon Health YouTube Channel

1. Simple Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks has always been overlooked by beginners as it feels very unnatural workout but believe you me, every pro does jumping jacks for either in their routines or just to warm up your body. It is a basic form of plyometric exercise that builds up your lower body power which will help you gain extra heights in your jump.

Team KnowhowBonus of this exercise is that it helps you coordination in everyday life.

What to do:

  • Put your arms downside adjacent to your body and your feet in a natural standing position
  • Now jump up and at the same time raise both of your arms until they touch at the top (try to keep them straight as you can), while you are doing this- with your feet you spread them apart to over shoulder-width then land.
  • Next, jump up again and return to the starting position
  • Do as many as you can in 45 seconds.

2. Simple Burpees

Simple Burpees for beginners – Credit Minus The Gym YouTube Channel

Oh, Noooooooo I can hear you shout, not the dreaded burpees, well I am sorry, I know everybody hates burpees but this is a brilliant exercise to build power, cardio fitness and endurance in those legs to give you explosive power for your jumps. You can if you want to do easier or harder burpees but whichever you choose, Make sure it’s in your exercise routines for jumping higher.

What to do:

  • To start with, stand so your feet are at least shoulder-width apart from each other. Get down into a squat then put your hands down on the floor.
  • Jump your legs backwards so that you are in a plank position and then do a slowdown and slow up push up!
  • Jump your feet back in, get back into a squat and then jump up as high as you can.
  • 15 repetitions and 2 sets please, no cheating on this!

3. Squat jumps

Simple Squat Jumps Credit To eHowFitness YouTube Channel

Again I can hear you shout Nooooooo, Not boring squat jumps! Totally agree, they are BORING but they help strengthen those hips, legs and torsos for that extra height in jumping. Remember the goal is to get more height so do these in your exercise routines and I guarantee you extra bit off height in your jumps. When you build up strength in these areas you can then add weights to your jumping. This will help you become more explosive in your legs.

What to do:

  • Make sure you wear correct trainers to absorb the shock of landing
  • Begin with your arms down and standing hip-width apart
  • Keep your back straight, and bend your knees down in average speed, not to fast and not to slow
  • Until your in a normal squat position.
  • As soon as your in the squat position, use all your energy and jump as high as you can
  • While at the top of your jump, bring you knees into your chest
  • And then land very softly by bending your knees and get into the squat position again.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 repetitions

4. Simple Forward linear jumps

Simple Forward linear jumps, Credit GymEquipmentSydney

Using this exercise you really will strengthen your thighs, hips and your core for added extra height. This jumping routine will improve your jumping higher as well as forward and make it even better try to get the next jump as soon as you land. You will be feeling it in the morning after this exercise.

What To Do:

  • Stand tall with your arms downside your body
  • Get down to squat position with your hips back
  • Move your arms behind you ready for the jump but try keep elbows straight
  • Now power your legs and jump forward and up
  • While jumping, throw your arms over head to get more airtime
  • As soon as you land, get back into the squat position with your arms behind you
  • Repeat straight away
  • 3 Sets of 15 Jumps

5. Single-leg deadlifts with Jump

Simple Single-leg deadlifts with jump – Credit Tampa Strength

You are going to be doing this exercise with one leg at a time and alternate after every 10 reps. This does help all the right muscles in your legs to help you perform explosive jumps.

What To Do:

  • Stand on your left foot (or the other one)
  • Then get your other leg right behind you while you chest bends nearer the floor
  • Get your right hand near touching the floor and move your right leg up behind you to hip height
  • Bring your leg in and power up the jump on your left leg and with your right leg bring the knee in to get more height in your jump
  • 2 sets of 10 for each leg

6. Trampoline Exercises

Simple Rebounding exercise for your legs – credit Rebound Fitness

Yes, you hear me right MEN, trampoline exercises like rebounding. Don’t worry about feeling a bit weird about this but using a mini trampoline is brilliant for your cardio and even NASA has stated that its 50% for cardio than running. Rebounding is a fantastic exercise that really puts very little stress on your bones and joints.

Their are great different exercises you can do on this micro trampolines and they will work a lot of muscles in your leg groups as well as being really effective in cardio.

Try these to get you started:-

  • Push Down as with the video above, push down is great to strengthen your heels, ankles etc. A great workout
  • Jogging On Rebounder, simple jogging on the spot will benefit you getting used to the rebounder as well as doing good cardio and little stress on your joints
  • Many Many More, there are a lot of exercises you can do on a rebounder and you can look on youtube to see what will benefit your game.

Hope you got some great information on Workouts On How To Jump Higher.

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Top Training Workouts On How To Jump Higher That You Can Do At Home.
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