The Vertical Jump World Record Is Held By?

There are few different ways to record a jump, you can use a platform jump where you literally jump on to a platform and you can get high as you allowed to bend your knees., Standing vertical jump is where you record your jump BUT you have to keep your legs straight pointing toward the floor. A high jump is where you literally jump over a bar.

Vertical Jump Record:- Platform (or Box Jump)

The Vertical Jump World Record for platform was broken by Brett Williams on 09 FEBRUARY 2019 in FORT WORTH (united states) and it hasn’t been broken yet.

The standing platform jump was an incredible 1.651 metres or 5ft 5 inches or 65 inches.

This vertical jump is from a standing position and this jump is to record the difference between the floor and your feet, no hands required. The reason that these jumps are so high is that you usually do a jumping squat (tucking your feet in) while jumping.

Brett Williams was a student at Arlington – Texas. He found out that he was a natural jumper when he was at the gym and some of his friends got him to try it out and at that time he was only 13 inches short of the Guinness World Record for a standing vertical jump.

Brett then knew he had to train for a whopping 3 years solid for him to be able to beat the record and he done it. It just shows that determination and hard work pays off.

(He might off used a a high jump training program like vert shock to do it)

Previous Platform Vertical Jump Record:

The previous platform high jump record from the Guinness World Records was set at 63.5 inches by the Canadian Evan Ungar, who broke Justin Bethel long record of 60 inches.

The Standing Vertical Jump (legs straight)

Josh Imatorbhebhe’s 47.1 inch vertical jump was achieved at the nike football championships in 2015 and I am not sure if has been broken yet.

Highest Vertical Jump Records in the NFL

Highest Vertical Jump Records in the NFL

Donald Washington – 45 inches

Washington who played for the Kansas City Chiefs is a former football defensive back and had a jump of 45 inches

Chris Conley – 45 inches

Conley who also played for the Kansas city chiefs is equal to washington as he also had a 45 inch jump.

Byron Jones – 44.5 Inches

Jones Who played cornerback position, did play for the Dallas Cowboys in 2015 when he jumped 44.5 inches jump.

Some other great American Football Names and their super high jumps.

  • A. J. Jefferson Jump – 44 Inches
  • Dorin Dickerson Jump – 43.5 Inches
  • Kashif Moore Jump – 43.5 Inches
  • Eric Berry Jump – 43 Inches
  • Darius Butler Jump – 43 Inches
  • Christine Michael Jump – 43 Inches
  • Ameer Abdullah Jump – 42.5 Inches
  • Jarett Dillard Jump – 42.5 Inches
  • Virgil Green Jump – 42.5 Inches
  • Roger McIntosh Jump – 42.5 Inches

Highest Vertical Jump Records in the NBA

Here is the overall NBA stats and you can see 3 key players holding the record for the 46 inch vertical jump

Zach LaVine – 46 Inches

In 2015, Zach LaVine won the NBA Slam contest. His amazing air time really wows the audience.

Jason Richardson – 46 Inches

Richardson has also the same jump height of Zach and also has a crazy air time.

James White – 46 Inches

Another player who can hit the heights of 46 inches is James white.

More NBA players that should be mention for their vertical jump.

  • Spud Webb Jump – 45.5 inches
  • Shannon Brown Jump – 44.5 inches
  • Muggy Bogues Jump – 44.3 inches
  • David Thompson Jump – 44 inches
  • Andrew Wiggins Jump – 44 inches
  • Harold Miner Jump – 44 inches
  • Dee Brown Jump – 44 inches
  • Deshawn Stevenson Jump – 44 inches
  • LeBron James Jump – 44 inches
  • Nate Robinson Jump – 43.5 inches
  • Julius Erving Jump – 43 inches
  • Vince Carter Jump – 43 inches

Believe it or not!

We are talking here on Vertical Jump Averages in this 2 different sports.

With jumping high as the sky, you would think basketball players were the cream of the crop but your wrong as I was. On average, The football league players jump higher than their fellow counterparts.


  • American football players train for power and being very explosive. They need to power through at the right times like a 30-yard sprint, 30-yard shuttle, a high vert jump. They have a lot of power in their legs and while not the most endurance, the power in their legs will make them jump higher.
  • Basketball players train for stamina and endurance, if you think about it, the basket is always 10 foot high, the average basketball players reach is about 7 foot so they don’t really need to train to jump high. Imagine if they did, they might hit the moon.

High Jump World Record

The high jump in track and field is even more impressive. Since the beginning of records of high jumpers in around 1900s, With sport, nutrition and training mentality evolving over time. The current record for high jumping is 2.44 meters high.

This has been set by Javier Sotomayor, of Cuba, He made this high jump in 1993.

Records Will & Can Be Broken

All Vertical Jumping records can and will be broken, using a training program like vert shock, you never know, You might break any of these records or different ones.

Hope you liked reading this and if you have any vertical jumping records you would like me to put on here, please let me know by commenting below


The Vertical Jump World Record Is Held By?
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