The Vertical Jump Average

For all of us amateurs and professionals in most sports, having the knowledge of knowing what the Vertical Jump Average is can be very beneficial to you against your opponents that do not.

RatingMales (cm)Males (in)Females (cm)Females (in)
Very good61–7024-2851–6020-24
Above average51-6020-2341-5016-19
Below average31-4012-1521-308-11
Very poor<21<8<11<4
Vertical Jump Averages – Reference

As you can see from the information above, you can really get to grips with how average your oppositions are and if you really need to improve on your vertical jump.

Vertical Jump Average Heights for Men and Women

The above table of a vertical jump average is obviously to see that it is designed for both male and females. In general, men can jump higher than ladies.

This is not a dig at anyone, just factual. So were trying to help you be realistic and not compare yourself to the opposite sex. After all, when you play sports you are more generally playing with the same sex.

The male average vertical jump is between 16 to 19 inches while it is around 12 to 15 inches for the good lady.

If you want a good high jump, men must aim for at least 24 inches and ladies must aim for at least 20 inches high.

To really be professional and beat your average opponent with ease we recommend that men go for at least 28 inches and women go for 24 inches in height.

Vertical Jumping by Age

We all know that age can be a factor when it comes to jumping or any physical exercise. Our body is still developing until we get around 30 years of age.

Then it starts to slowly go downhill from there.

so obviously when we hit 30 (just an average) years of age we are at our peak of jumping.

The age chart for a vertical jumping average for men and women

  AgeMen’s Average Vertical leap Women’s Average Vertical leap 
18 to 20 years old19.5 inches15 inches
20 to 29 years old20 inches15.5 inches
30 to 39 years old17 inches12.5 inches
40 to 49 years old14 inches9.5 inches
50 to 59 years old11 inches8 inches

but that does not mean that’s going to be your maximum jump! You can jump higher than that with the right mindset and training.

How to Measure Your Vertical Jump Average?

A great way to measure your vertical jump, credit to THINCPRO Basketball Youtube channel

So to measure your vertical jump average, first go near a bright wall. Get some nice color sticky tape like blue as in the video.

put some sticky tape in between your first and second finger (note, try not to put the tape above your fingers as this will not give you the proper result.)

stand adjacent to the wall as tall as you can BUT not tippy toes, make sure your flat-footed.

reach up to the highest point with your hand that has the sticky tape in and press it against the wall. Now you have your marker.

Now, get some more sticky tape and try to put it in the exact position that you just did. Stand again next to the wall but a little bit out as your going to do a vertical jump and don’t want to hit the wall.

Now do your vertical jump and at the very TOP of your jump, you are going to stick the tape on the wall again. This will give you a 2nd marker.

Simply now measure the 2 markers from both the top of their points and this will give you your vertical jump result.

do this for at least 5 times, record your results, add them up and then divide by 5 to give you your average vertical jump score.

Make sure you keep your results before and after if you intend on getting higher and higher with training.

Write those results down people!

write your vertical jump results down
keep all your high jump results down.

Other Ways To Measure your Jump Height.

Another few different ways to measure your height – Credit To Jacob Miller (Jump Manual)

A few different ways of measuring your jump.

What is a Good Jump?

You should know by now that you want to be at the high end of the table for a good jump.

You know what you need to do, is to get up the top of the charts and exceed.

Training Resources

We are developing this site to help you get higher and higher in your skill.

You need a goal to aim for and our website will deffently help you.

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Unless You Want To Be Extremely good

Being a free site that this is we can only push you to what we can and their is a number of reasons why even professionals hire trainers.

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The Vertical Jump Average
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