The Beginner’s Guide In How to jump higher for a dunk

How to jump higher for a dunk:- One-off the ultimate goals and glory in the game of basketball is to do that mighty slam dunk! Who doesn’t want to show off doing one of these especially if it is a last-minute winner! The crowd goes wild and your opposition shake their heads in disbelief!

There might be a few flaws that are stopping you to get to those heights to slam that dunk but I will do my best to help you achieve your goals.

Your Flaws might be:-

  • You feel that you are too short (I used to feel this)
  • You feel you are too old
  • You feel Your too overweight
  • You are not confident in trying and the feeling of failure stops you
  • You feel you are just not physically powerful in your legs
  • You feel that you don’t have the right technic
  • There might be a few more

Depending on how serious you are, if your very serious I would seriously check out Dunking programs like Vert Shock (read my vert shock reviews here) or Jump manual. Both very good programs that will push you to your limit for dunking.

First of all, My goal here is to help you overcome any of these and I love helping people. But you are going to need to change your mindset and really start believing you are going to dunk in a few weeks time from now.

Dunking Mentality.

Short Nba Players That Dunk

NBA Greatest “Little Man” Dunks Credit To HoopsTube channel

In this video, the average size of these NBA players I do believe is 5 foot 11 and even though that’s not tiny. Compared to the rest of the NBA, they are short and nobody picks them up before they dunk. A great advantage of being the shortest player on the block.

Being Overweight and Still be able to Dunk

Heaviest Dunker In The World : credit to SlamFromAbove Youtube Channel

This guy at his heaviest at 312 lbs still managed to Dunk! He might have had a brilliant technique but still that’s impressive.

NBA Old Men that Can Dunk

10 INSANE OLD MAN DUNKS: credit BangBoy YouTube Channel

The video above shows us the old men in NBA still be able to dunk just as good as the new young fitter men. I do believe that even Michael Wilson is doing at The ripe old age of 61. Dunking at 61, That’s still awesome.

Dunking Mentality

These videos are just to show you about mentality and that you are do BLOCKING that winning mentality. You need to start believing and really believing that you can do it. Without this mentality, you will fail and fall flat on your feet. The brain is either a powerful alley or a destructive foe. It is really your choice.

Physical Training

What you need now is to be able to explosive jump up to the hoop and to do this requires training hard at least 3-4 times a week. For about 8 weeks.

We need to get more strength in your legs for power, we need to get your body in shape with cardio.


Start with a 10-minute warm-up routine that will start warming up your muscles and make them a bit more flexible! There are lots and lots of ways to warm up. I personally find using a skipping/jumping rope for 5-10 mins is a great way of warming up your muscles. If you don’t have one then do 5-10 mins of:-

  • Jogging On Spot
  • Soft Jumping Jacks
  • Soft Mountain Climbers
  • Soft 1,2,3 Heisman
  • Soft squats
  • Soft Jumping Squats

When I suggest soft, You only only warming up so you are not pushing your body to extreme, just about 40% effort is needed. Thise should warm your body and muscles up for the next thing.


How to jump higher for a dunk - do not skip stretching
do not skip stretching

Before you start exercising with intense, you need to get your body stretched. This helps prevent injuries in your exercises and helps your muscles get flexible for jumping as well as helping your muscles get stronger.

Stretch all these following muscles for at least 30 seconds each.

  • Knees To Chest, Either lying down on your back or well-balanced standing on one foot. Bring one of your knees up to your chest and hold for 30 seconds then the other one.
  • Standing quad stretch, Standing on one leg, (you might have to hold a wall or something to help you do this) Legs should be width apart. Raise your right ankle towards your buttocks and hold 30 seconds with your right hand as close as you can to your leg. Then repeat with your other leg.
  • Hamstring stretch, Stand up straight and softly bend one of your knees like you was going to sit. Stretch the other leg outright with your toes pointing to the ceiling then move your chest (not the head, lean with the chest) towards the floor until you feel the back of your outright leg and hold for 30 seconds and then do opposite with other legs.
  • Calf stretch, While holding the wall with both hands, with one leg slightly bent, get the other leg to step back while straight and push the heel downwards towards the floor, you should feel your calf muscle being stretched.

Make sure you have warmed up and have given your legs a very good stretch!

How To Jump Higher For Dunk Exercises

Now your body has been warmed up and stretched, You now you need to train hard to get more height in your vertical jump so you can finally dunk them balls in the basketball hoops.

We need to strengthening your legs a lot , the reason is to get a lot of power and explosiveness in your jumps (without sacrificing flexibility) to reach your goal of dunking. So lower body workouts are going to be:-

You need to do these exercises 3 or 4 times a week with a days rest in between.

After about 3 weeks doing this, you need to add some jumping plyometric exercises to it. This is power jump training and you will benifit from it and add more gains to your jumps.

These powerful exercises that you add to the previous exercises will help you gain more power in your jumps and if you continue to do all these routines for another 5 weeks, you going to impress yourself and to START to Dunk!

If you find these exercises start to get easy for you, you can always add weights to the routines! This will improve your jumping more.

Hope you learnt some new things in this The Beginner’s Guide In How to jump higher for a dunk! Hopefully you will be dunking in no time and see you at the courts

Just remember it’s all in the Mind!


The Beginner’s Guide In How to jump higher for a dunk
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