Some Great Easy Tips in How To Jump Higher Instantly

This article is going to show you how you can easily add a few inches in your high jump almost instantly, but be warned, I am not going to make you jump as high as the sky and you won’t become a super athlete overnight. To jump really high takes training physically and mentally over around 9 weeks using jump programs like Vertshock or JumpManual.

No matter what sport your into or playing, like volleyball, basketball or anything that involves jumping high. You will benifit from this simple tips.

so let’s start with some great tips

How To Jump Higher Instantly – Stretching

I have said this a million times and will continue to do so as I still see a lot of people not stretching before they play their game or go into training. They just jump straight in and this is no, not only can you cause yourself an injury, you will actually benefit jumping a little higher by simple stretching moves.

2 simple stretching exercises that will benefit your jump!

Watch the video for 2 simple stretches that I totally agree with and will have you jumping higher almost instantly, credit to youtube channel overtimeathletes.

Instantly Jump Higher – Fixing Your Jump Technics.

Now, you should be all warmed up and stretch those muscles out so their more flexible. Now to gain more jump power heres a few more extra tips on jumping.

Your approach.

The approach is always never really looked upon when your jumping, ask yourself when is the last time you have practised your approach? Probably never! Don’t overlook this as this can help you with some gains for jumping.

A lot of people do this wrong, whatever sport yours into. I see people approach it like this, the go full blast running and when it comes to the actually JUMP, they slow down. Your approach should be reverse, You start off slow and by the time you jump, you should accelerate and be at maximum potential.

Your approach is about 90% of your jump and applies to both 1 footed jumping or 2 footed jumpings. Getting all the power up just as you jump will increase your jumping height instantly. So practice your approach!

3 Mistakes you should avoid on your approach!

  • Stutter Stepping – Taking to many steps before you take off causes deceleration and not very good for repetition. get out of the habit.
  • Slowing down – In which I have said above, You do not want to slow down on your approach the jump, You want to fly so be fast as you can. MCV = Maximum Controlled Velocity, Be fast but controlled.
  • Too much forward lean, I see a lot of players make this mistake in basketball when they approach there chest is leaning near the floor, what this does, makes you jump further horizontally but not vertically. So get that chest up more and you will gain more in height, not distance. So head up and chest up, a good tip if your playing basketball is to look at the rim.
Head up, Chest up – Don’t lean towards the floor.


What is dorsiflexion? and how can this help you gain more power/jump height.? Dorsiflexion is when you run and jump by keeping your toes pointing up towards your shins. This is going to ensure that your running on the balls is your feet, This creates more power in your run and more power in your jump. So practice Dorsiflexion while you run and jump.

Take Off

To gain more height in your jump, most of everything is from your approach to the jump. So keep your head and chest up just before you jump, make sure your at your at your top controlled speed and the the last 2 steps before you jump is have penultimate steps.

Penultimate steps are the last 2 steps before you take of and these steps have to be fast and explosive to take off.

Final thoughts, I hope you got the information you need in our Some Great Easy Tips in How To Jump Higher Instantly article and with practice you will be able to gain more height in your jumping. Just remember to warm up, stretch and take in the information that you have read.

please feel free to comment below if the guide has helped you or feel free to comment on more tips and tricks, I am always ready to learn more. Lucas

Some Great Easy Tips in How To Jump Higher Instantly
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