Simple Vertical Jump Workouts At Home That Anyone Can Do.

You might feel the below technics might make you feel sceptical about them and you should too

but these technics I have found out myself have been used and still used today by professionals in basketball and American football to help them jump that little bit further.

When it comes down to fine inches or cm that makes you either a winner or loser. Getting them a few inches will help you cross the line with a smile on your face.

Whether your playing basketball, American football, volleyball or any other sport. All of these people will train and do everything they can to jump higher and so can YOU.

WARNING: Just a disclaimer, The technics below, You will benefit from and will make you get some extra air BUT use the guides at your disposal as we will not be held responsible for any injuries you cause yourself.

Also, this is just simple guides which will help you but you need to get on with serious training to reach your maximum jumping.

Vertical Jump Exercises At Home


You need to start activating your prime muscle movers and to do this you need to warm up all your major jumping muscles.

Why? When your muscle is tight, they won’t be flexible and you won’t get that height in your jumps. When your muscles are warmed up, they will be flexible and make you jump even higher.

You should try these warm-up exercises that will make you jump even higher.

High Knees20 ground contacts
Karaoke20 ground contacts
Arm Swings front to back15 X 2
Ankle Rolls30 seconds each ankle
Bodyweight Squat10 X 2
Walking Lunges10 X 2
Toe touch to Glute Squeeze10 X 2
Side-side Leg Swings15 swings X 2
Front Leg Swings15 swings X 2
Kick Butts20 ground contacts

I know what your thinking but I swear that these simple warm-up exercises will have you jumping higher than you would do with not warming up the prime movers.

Do the work and warm that body up!


A lot of people really really don’t use stretching technics to help with there jumping, they think its nothing to do with it or can’t be assed to stretch.

Well, believe us stretching as well as warming up your muscles really does help you get more to your height even if its centimetres. It all counts. There are a lot of stretches to help but were only going to concentrate on the hip flexors here.

You might know when you have woken up in the morning and your hip flexors are as sore as hell from a day of jumping exercises.

Why? when you train your body for jumping, when you jump high, you push you hip flexors to extreme extension and when you land you become in a coil position.

So rapidly doing this will tear your hip flexors and make them very sore.

So What Does This Mean To You?

Your hip flexors get really sore due to the fact they want to resist you jumping all the time. This is great data for you to use.

The overall goal is to strengthen them but the goal for jumping is to warm them up, stretch them out and make them feel comfy and sleepy so they don’t resist you jumping. They won’t argue with you, there just go with you.

Lets us do a bit of science.

Less Resistance = More Power

More power = Higher jumping.

So you can understand what we’re trying to get at, and static stretch the hip flexors will help you do this.

Credit To eHowFitness Youtube channel

Just a little warning, just make sure you stretch nice and slowly as you can increase the chance of injury if you are not doing it properly.

You can google and choose your own versions of static hip Flexer stretch, we recommend warming up the legs first by gently jogging on the spot for at least 5 minutes.

The 2 lots of sets of static stretching with at least 30 seconds each side. Be careful NOT to injure yourself.

3. Foam Rolling

I hear you say “foam rolling? What the F&^% is that?”, Well, it is a great way to increase your blood flow. Increasing your blood flow will get all the oxygen and nutrients to where you need them most and faster.

The extra benefits of foam rolling are that it can improve muscle tissue quality, help out with muscular sores and trigger points within minutes.

video credit to Eric Cressey Youtube channel

You can just concentrate on all your leg and core muscle but we think you should also cover, the glutes, your back, hamstrings, calves, shins, abs, chest, quads, lats, entire posterior chain and arms.

If you have never heard of foam rolling or never knew it existed, I promise you it will help and it works to get more out of your jump.

If you are starting out, you can make your own for next to nothing or get a cheap one on eBay.

Or buy yourself a professional one at any decent sports retailers

4. Weight Jumping

If you’re already at home and doing jumping training then add some weights to it.

If you have weights at home that’s great, if not you can use things like sugar bags and anything that you can grip that has weight on it.

When you start jumping with the weights in your hands, Your not going to be jumping as high as you want to at the time but after a while while you keep doing this

You will start to strengthing your core and legs that little bit more and guess what, you will benefit and start jumping higher than ever without the weights.

Do everything exactly the same as you would do normal jump exercising but have some extra weights on.

I recommend doing 10 weighted jumps with a 30-second gap in between then 5 unweighted jumps with a 30-second gap in between.

then repeat 2 more times.


Another one that will have you thinking, how can this possibly make me jump higher?

breathing technics are used by most and all professionals to get the air into your system at the right time and exhaling at the right time.

Think about what sports you watch or training videos you have done, they always breathe in before the big punch, hold it then exhale when they have done the punch.

Powerlifters do it before they deadlift their weight, they hold there breath and then release

Tennis players breath in before they hit the ball

Sprinters build up their breath and hold before they jet off and exhale

Personal trainers will tell you to breath in before you push a rep, hold and release when you have done it.

breathing in at the right time matters in mostly all sports and activities.

and it is no different to your vertical jumping to get that extra millimetre, it all adds up

Again its simple science

Instead of exhaling at the time of impact, instead, HOLD your breath as if you don’t your body will lose its stiffness, which means you lose energy and your jump won’t be as high as it can be.

still sceptical, then try it. I’m willing to bet $1000000000000 on it (not really) that you will jump a tiny bit higher and that all counts.

Breath In, Hold, Explode, Exhale.

Overall with this simple Vertical Jump Workout At Home exercises you can really get more heights in your jump, try them out and mark your results down.

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Simple Vertical Jump Workouts At Home That Anyone Can Do.
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