How To Dunk In Basketball With Ease.

Dunk In Basketball

You love the game of basketball but you are struggling to Dunk at all or your very near and just can’t quite get there. It can be superfustrating that everyone else gets a super massive dunk and get cheered on by the crowd while your ego drops.

You might not even try to want to really slam dunk because it’s still only 2 points but hey, there is really nothing cooler in the game of basketball than a supermassive SLAM Dunk

If you 6 foot plus and can dunk easily, you might not benefit really reading this article as some players can just dunk with ease and will frustrate others who can’t.

If your under 6 foot and never really got the technics right to slam dunk then there is a way in which you should shot for your goal.

Hard Work Pays Off

Personally I am just under 6 foot and struggled to dunk in my early years playing this beautiful game. But working off does pay off and getting stronger and jumping higher with technics helped me dunk and should also help you too.

Improving Your Vertical Jump To Dunk In Basketball

I have done an article on how you can train your body to jump higher Here Simple Vertical Jump Workouts at Home Anyone Can do that you can do at home which will also help you. But for mainly this article:- You need to get that extra height in your jump to able to perform dunking then we will need to start training your strength and speed.

There are some really awesome vertical training programs out there like Vert Shock & Jump Manual which will increase your jumping skills ten fold. But there are also other things that will help you jump to dunk.

The Skipping rope

Believe it not, the skipping rope is a cheap piece of equipment for you to train with. It will increase the speed of your feet with agility. Training with a skipping rope might sound silly but it will heighten your jumping while your cardio increases amazingly

Jope rope for beginners

Credit for the above video to Jump Rope Dudes YouTube Channel, They do a mixture of Rope exercises and plyometrics for your legs to increase your speed and power.

Go buy yourself and skipping rope and practice and practice, getting faster and faster until the sweat is pouring off you. Get really good at it and do it every day if you can for at least 20 minutes. To stop it getting boring you can mix it up with one-legged jumps, double skip jumps, backward skipping.

The repetitive nature of skipping will have your calves aching but doing it good. Getting speed and power.

Box Hops

25 great box jump exercises.

Box jumps are great for strength, stability and explosive power. With the technics used in the above video, you will be jumping as high as you can in little time. These technics are good for any sport that requires leg speed and power. Credit video Criticalbench youtube channel

Get Stronger For Dunking In Basketball

Simple Science:- The stronger You Are = The More Power/speed you can move through space

Its true for all professionals in the basketball game, the stronger they are the more quickly and explosive they can be on the court. Every professional in any sport trains for strength. You can look at the mainstream of sports and I bet you the best players are ripped and strong to the core.

Don’t worry you don’t have to get ripped.

but your going to have to get stronger for the dunking game.

For you legs it’s better to stick with the basics and train for the following sets

  • Military presses
  • Barbell rows
  • Squats
  • Bench Presses
  • Jump squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Front Squats

I would recommend doing these sets at least 3/4 times a week and usually, you should do 3 sets of 10 for each one. 4 sets for squats unless its weighted squats.

These 4 basic strength training maneuvers will start you off in the right direction.

Strong Hands

Perfect practice makes perfect

No matter how hard you train, how high you can now jump. You got to remember to dunk in basketball, you need to handle the ball as well.

If you have small hands and can’t quite get the grip, a bit like me. You need to learn to palm the basketball while jumping up. Unless you can dunk 2 handed but you really need to dunk 1 handed and learn with both hands.

The best way I found out by myself is to start using smaller balls. The mechanics will start to develop over time to adjust to getting used to the basketball. you can start with a mini basketball, then move on to a volleyball then the main volleyball.

The mechanics are to strengthen your hands and rather me trying to explain it, watch this video as its basically the same way I learnt with the different sized balls.

credit to Get Handles Basketball Youtube channel

Supreme Top Dunk in Basketball Tips

Now that you got your palm on the ball and you have trained hard for power, you should be able to dunk in basketball with ease. But I need to warn you a few things to avoid injuries and embarrassment.

  • Don’t use portable basketball rims: these things are dangerous and it does not matter how much weight they have, they are known to tip over with ease. Play with them but do not dunk and hang on. No No No
  • Don’t hang on: Just don’t, it is illegal in a game and you look like you have a big ego. Not only that you can lose your balance and drop down like a donkey. just dunk and drop.
  • Don’t cut yourself: some rims are old as pie and can be rusty and cutaway. Check the rims out first hand as if there not smooth you are going to end up with bleeding hands.
  • Good Trainers: make sure you have some quality trainers as when you land and have bad trainers you will injure yourself. Besides good trainers will give you a few cm extra in the air.

These are my great tips on dunking if you have not done it before, remember practice makes perfect and perfect practice makes even better perfect.

If you have any tips and tricks that you done yourself to dunk, then comment below and let us know


How To Dunk In Basketball With Ease.
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