Benefits Of Jumping Rope. A Simple Excercise That Is So OverLooked.

When people think of exercising they never ever think about getting their jumping rope out, they think of swimming, running or going to the gym! The skipping/jumping rope exercise is so overlooked it is unreal. Not only it’s overlooked it can be a lot better than most forms of cardio workouts!

A scientists fact that has been published by the AAH (or American Association For Health) found out after a dedicated study that women and men that spent 30 minutes a day jogging (for 6 weeks) had just the same improved cardio fitness as women and men (same age) that done 10 minutes every day of the jumping rope.

There are so many positives for using a jumping rope that I can think off and I am going to tell you why it should be in your exercising routines or use it as an exercise program.

My Guide To Benefits Of Jumping Rope.

1. Get Gains In Jump Height.

This site is really about jumping higher and using a rope can and will improve your strength, speed and power in your feet, ankles and toes and guess what, more of all of them will totally increase your jumping height! Every bit helps so get jump roping.

gains in height jumping
Improves Your Jumping Height.

2. Fun, Portable and Practically You Can Do Anywhere.

A simple benefit of a jumping rope is that you can take it totally anywhere, you can use it at work (obviously on your break) and you can use it practically anywhere you want to. You will often see me warming up with a jump rope before a great sweaty game of basketball! Sometimes I would often warm down with a skipping rope too (depends if I win the match and gloat a bit, or run away when I lose)

I actually think jumping rope is more fun than jogging or swimming and it does bring back the child in me, If I jog I have to listen to music otherwise it is totally boring! So a jumping rope is a little more fun than most other cardio training.

3. Totally Burns Calories

Rope jumping can actually burn lots and lots of calories, it is estimated that 15 mins of pure jumping can burn around 250 calories in around 15 minutes! So if you can do it for 60 minutes you would burn around 1000 calories. I believe this is better cardio than jogging or bike riding. I might be wrong but it is so much better than sitting on your arse!

Why? Using a jump rope is a thermogenic workout as it uses a lot of main muscle groups which means it creates a lot of heat in your body and then your body burns more calories due to this. Also, make sure you hydrate as you will lose a lot of water that helps keep your body cool!

Totally Burns Calories
Totally Burns Calories

4. Coordination Improvement

For a total beginner, you won’t be very good at rope jumping but after practice, like anything you will get used to it! Your coordination after practice will improve so much better as the speeds for rope jumping increase and so will your coordination. After a lot of practice, you will get so much better than you can actually swing the rope around twice in one jump.

Your coordination will improve 100%! Take that from me.

5. Injury Risk lowers.

With more and more improvement of Coordination using your jump rope, you are better at being less careless and stronger in everyday activities. You and your body will become more agile and less likely to become a clumsy bugger. So get going and start jumping.

6. Breathing Efficiency Is Improved.

Just like any other cardio and this is really a no brainer, doing jump ropes with good breathing techniques like breathing in through your nose and out with your mouth will let you perform so much better at other sports you do like basketball, volleyball and anything you really do physically!

7. Totally Improves heart health

Really, any cardio will always get your heart pumping and it’s so good for your heart and cardio system. A good jump rope session for 20 minutes will increase your V02 Max Intake. (a bigger V02 Max, The more they have in their own endurance cardio)

8. Great For Your Blood Pressure

Some people that have prehypertension or borderline high blood pressure! If your one of these you can seriously reduce these in less than 10 weeks by doing a 10-minute jump rump exercise every day. You will lose body fat, lower your high blood pressure and lower your pulse rate. Again this leads to a better healthy heart and healthier you.

improves your blood pressure
improves your blood pressure

9. Strengthens bone density 

Will and does help strengthen your bone density. These will benefit you in your future life and less need for osteoporosis when you are older. It strengthens your bones by impact training and your body respond by remodelling and improving your bones.

10. Makes You Calmer

Not only are your training your body but you also training your brain. Your coordination improves while your stress levels lower meaning that in certain situations you will be a lot calmer than you would be normally! Your think straighter and won’t overreact.

11. Makes You Smarter

As well as calming you down, Using a jump rope helps in your brain development, your right and left hemispheres to improve in which can help in reading, increases memory, becoming more mentally alert and improves other special awareness.

12. Building A Better Body.

Believe it or not using a jump rump regularly can and will build your body. You can get lean and trim just using this form of exercise as you will burn lots of calories and build muscles in places you wouldn’t expect!

Great Ways Of Improving Your Body With A Simple Jump Rope. Credit To Bloom To Fit YouTube Channel

Benefits of Jumping rope In your workout routine

The benefits of jumping rope, You can take it anywhere and you can use it to warm up before any exercise or before any sport you play and its a really great way to warm up. You can do it in between exercises like sit-ups, press-ups etc. It is just such a versatile exercise that I always leave my Jump rope in my bag at all times and believe you me, I use it a lot!

And so should you!


Benefits Of Jumping Rope. A Simple Excercise That Is So OverLooked.
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