Welcome To V Jumpers, The ultimate guide for a vertical jump. There are lots and lots of sports that need you to jump that little bit higher or that little bit further.

vertical jump
Jump Higher and Higher! Vertical Jumps Will Power you Through.

Sports & Hobbies You Will Benefit from a Good Vertical Jump!

You might think off the obviously when it comes to using high vertical jumping in sports and hobbies. You might first think off Basketball and dunking

but there are a lot of other sports that might benefit you if your in need of training for reaching a few millimeters extra or a few inches more.

People that benefit from learning to jump higher with a few techniques for vertical jump include:-

  • Basketball Players
  • Divers
  • Triple Jumpers
  • Long Jumpers
  • Volley Ball Players
  • Gymnastics
  • High Jumpers
  • Skateboarding
  • Hurdlers
  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Parkour
  • Free Runners
  • Pole Vaulters
  • Vertical Jumping
  • Figure Skating (Axel Jump, Euler Jump, Flip Jump etc)
  • Cheerleader Jumping
  • Ballet
  • Vaulting
  • Ski Jumping
  • Sack Race (for all the parents at school)
  • and lots more that I cant think off at this time, You can comment below what else there is.
Even skaters need a Good Vertical Jump.

The Vertical Jump

Are you in any off these sports as a professional or hobbyist? Do you dream to get that extra few inches of jump height to give you the winning edge?

If you believe you are underweight, average, skinny, short, tall (yes I know) fat, this, too young, too old, etc etc

With a great mind and You actually Doing THE work, This website is designed for you.

There might be hundreds and hundreds of literal, e-books, videos presentations, magazines and books to show you how to jump higher but most of them come back to the core values.

The 2 main core values are Mental and Physical. There are other values but just for this page, Just want to briefly share the 2 main values.


Being in a mental state that you need to believe that you can achieve this goal of jumping higher. Without self-belief, you will achieve nothing. You have to really believe that you can do it. This is probably the most important factor. Beleive you will jump higher.


You will need to train, no matter what shape your in, you are going to need to get stronger from the core and your legs. You will have to also do cardio to get your body fat down and turn it all into power.

It also all comes down to a science, especially physics. Your POWER to YOUR Body Weight Ratio.

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